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Benefits Meditas For Mental And Physical Health

Nowadays meditation become one of the relaxation techniques are much favored and dasei done by people all over the world. If meditation is used often regarded as rituqal of a particular religion. So this time of meditation become one of the most appropriate means to calm the mind. However, the benefits of meditation was not only that. Meditation also has a very good benefit to the health of your body. Want to know what are the benefits of meditation for health? Check out a review of some of the benefits of meditation Nagi mental and physical health.

1. Overcoming Insomnia

Disturbed sleep or insomnia commonly referred to is one of the sleep disorder in which the sufferer does not feel sleepy at all so could not sleep. If you have gone to bed at night, you should perform mediatsi for a few minutes before bedtime. According to research done to prove if 75% of insomniacs who do meditasu can get to sleep after 20 minutes lying in bed.

2. Lose Weight

Believe it or not it turns out to meditate to lose weight you know. Therefore, if you are doing a diet to lose weight, then you can incorporate meditation into your diet the activity list. Why meditation can lose weight? That's because by doing meditation, kta can reduce the desire to eat and nyemil so if the meditation is done regularly can lower the weight.

3. Relieve PMS Syndrome (Pre-Mennstruasi)

Moments of the PMS was a time when women were very sensitive. In addition to psychological problems, PMS nevertheless have an impact on the physical. To overcome this, you can relax your body. It was due to the condition of the body that relaxes can provide a good influence on the organs in your body. One way you can do to relax your body is by doing meditation. A study to prove if a woman who is experiencing chronic PMS syndrome will increase up to 58% recovery after practicing meditation for five months.

4. Prevent Indigestion

Indigestion indeed make a hassle. Especially if you're not at home and suddenly experienced gangguaan digestion. Well, certainly would be very troublesome. So that your digestion is not impaired and healthy, you can prevent it by doing meditation. That's because by meditating can be quiet arouses your digestion so that the process of absorption of food can be run with the maximum.

5. Younger

Meditation can be a powerful way for you to stay young. That's because by meditating, we can let go of any sense of fatigue and stress we feel. When experiencing ctres, the body produces excessive hormone kartisol then dapoat berkibat in damage to cells in the skin. Conversely, if your body is in a relaxed state, it will not produce the hormone kartisol excessively so that your skin will remain healthy and youthful terlohat.

6. Lower High Blood Pressure

Research conducted by Harvard University found the facts if meditation can lower the blood pressure by making the body becomes less responsive to the stress hormone. Meditation is considered as a powerful way to lower blood pressure setera with blood pressure-lowering drugs.

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